Wireless router setup for 3 people gaming on it?

Hello, I was wondering what type of wireless router or setup would be best for handling 3 people gaming on that connection.

I recently moved in with two friends and the wireless likes to drop me off the connection. I understand that can be 1 of a million different things and I'm not really looking to debug that currently. It seemed to work out find when I connected with a cord, but my roommates dogs like to chew on those... so that isn't going to work. My roommates occasionally also have issues without but not near to the degree I do, they are also within 10 feet of it while I am on the other side of the house, more then 50 less then 100 feet If I were to guess. One of those roommates and I bought the same exact wifi usb adapter so I don't think that is the issue as his connection works.

I'm looking for what kind of hardware would be needed to get this setup to work for me so I can compare to what we currently have. I don't have all those specs available right now but if its deemed important I can go get them.

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  1. You could try a different channel. Keep changing them until you find one that works, if there is one. Wireless N I found works quite well. It has higher speeds, but I was more impressed with it's better connection strength. And newer devices support bonding 2-3 of these channels, giving more strength.
  2. Bump, looking for more possible solutions please.
  3. Yours is one of the key reasons gaming is not recommended on wireless.

    So lets assume you have a perfect wireless environment with no interference from outside causing your drops....although it is very likely this IS your issue.

    802.11 has no method to control the sharing of the bandwidth. Pretty much it is free for all where everyone tries to take as much as they can. In general the person who is closest to the AP/router will always win. There are no consumer routers that can fix this. You would need a router that can apply QoS functions between the wireless users. Even in commercial routers that have this feature it does not always work well because a lot of the stuff is controlled internal to the radio chips where it is hardware and not software controlling the process.

    Your only real solution will be to reduce the competition for the available bandwidth. The only cheap solution would be to try to use both 2.4 and 5 band and find a way to not compete.

    Still you can't control garbage traffic coming from outside your house. So load INSSIDER and do your best to find a area no one is using
  4. Run the wire in conduit clipped to the wall.

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