Questions about a 3D TV I just got.

So I just got this TV from my father. Its a couple years old but it claims 480hz refresh rate and 3D. My problem is when I try to test 3D with it hooked up to my gaming PC it only allows me to do it in either 23 or 24 hz which I dont know if thats why but the 3D is not nearly as good as on my monitor. I own a 3D monitor that should pail in comparison to the tv but it has the option for 100 or 120 hz in the NVIDIA 3D test settings. I have Nvidias 3dtvplay installed and everything. Is there a setting or something I'm just not seeing? Because I'v looked everywhere. Also when I run games on my pc with fraps I can get up to 120 fps on the monitor but on the tv its always capped at 60. Could it have anything to do with how its connected. The monitor is connected through DVI but for the TV im using this HDMI cord: Also is there really any advantage to having a 480hz refresh rate?

This is the TV:

and this is the monitor I have:
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    HDMI is limited to 60Hz but when running 3D you are limited to about half that because it is sending two images to the TV one for the left one for the right. That TV was made for playing back Blu-Ray 3D movies not gaming. I know that there is a update to newer HDMI specs to allow higher Hz rate though HDMI but do not know if it is even out yet.

    My Panasonic 50" 3D Plasma is the same even though it is 600Hz but running games though it in 3D limits it to 24Hz not good for 3D gaming. However playing not 3D games allows full 60fps so it is still great for most of my games anyway.
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