Best site for finding PS4 cheats?

I'm excited about getting the PS4 but I've always been the kind of gamer that loves it when games have cheats and such, like back in the day.

I'm thinking I'll be checking out PS4 Game Cheats but does anyone recommend other places to search for PS4 cheats or for looking at trophies/requirements? I know as of this post the console hasn't even released yet but I want to check out any PS4 cheat codes as soon as I grab the new titles : )

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Most console games these days don't have cheat codes anymore, since it would invalidate all the achievements/trophies that every game must have now. Publishers also sometimes like to sell the cheat codes as paid DLC to make more money. Generally if you want to use cheats, you have to play the PC versions of current games, where sometimes you may have access to the dev console, or failing that you can sometimes mod config files.
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