How to connect a graphic card which requires 2 6 pin power connectors?

Hello, guys, I'm new here and this is also my first post. ^_^
I'm looking forward to buying a new video card for my computer, I also noticed that my PSU ( FSP500-60APN ) has only 1 6pin PCI-E Power Connector and most of the cards, which I like and I want to buy require 2 6pins. I know that most of the cards come with 4/6 pin molex adapters.
My question is: How to connect the one 4/6 pin adapter to to my video card? The cables which I can use are into the CD / DVD (x1) and there is also one connected to an additional fan.
Can I use the one, which is connected to the CD / DVD + the one connected to the additional fan for the 4/6 molex?
P.S Mobo is Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
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  1. Have a look at this thread:
    Pretty much the same issue you are talking about? :)
  2. So I need to buy a new PSU or I can use the molex from my CD / DVD + the molex, which powers the additional fan for connecting to the 4/6 pin adapter? I guess fans doesn't draw much watts, is there a way to make it work?
    P.S Thank you for the fast answer. :)
  3. You are welcome for the fast answer :)
    I would recommend upgrading the PSU. It's the best and safest advice I can give. I don't recommend using the molex connector off the dvd or the fan. They don't draw much (the dvd drive and the case/CPU fan) but their line also doesn't provide much.
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