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I am looking to buying a graphics card for my monitor with max resolution 1366x768 which can max out battlefield 4
my specs
fx 8320 @4.0
8 gb ddr3 1333mhz
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  1. R9 270X is around ~$200 and should do the job.

    If you have the budget and somehow plans to buy a better monitor in the near future, get a GTX770 or R9 280X.
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    to be honest with the display you have you can grab a good card to run BF 4 on max. But again it depends on the kind of budget you have.

    BUDGET :
    best buy:

    the HD 7790


    The MSI R9 270X (id recommend this because its probably the best for the price)

    you could get a much better R9 270X for $50 more which is :


    the MSI GTX 760

    $400 +


    1. R9 290X
    2. GTX 780Ti(i dont know a single reason for you not to buy this)

    I hope this helped and id suggest a decent overclock with a nice cooler in case you get an expensive high performance card... its just to squeeze out some extra performance out of the 8320 you have, although its your choice.
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