Razer Tiamat 7.1 - worth it?

I've heard great things from a couple of 'net buddies'. Is this worthwhile?

If so, any suggestions for a sound card?

If not, any suggestions for alternatives?
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  1. I own a pair and let me tell you, I will never and i mean NEVER buy another head set from razor. After not even one month of use the right sub stopped working. The microphone is total garbage no matter what settings you put it on. So if you want to stream with out a push to talk button. Your viewers will hear every time your head moves because of the cheap plastic head set you have on your head will make noises that travel down to the mic. the sound quality for the price is medicore at best for the price there asking. I will say one thing there very comfortable to wear. I should of learned my lesson a few years back when i got the steel series head set because pro cs players were wearing them. The sabiera V1's total garbage from these gaming companies man im telling you.
  2. I have a set as well. They are the first pair of 'high end' headphones I have ever owned, so I don't have anything to compare to, but I love the sound quality I get. The bass literally can shake my teeth sometimes.

    The complaint I have is that if I plug my normal speakers in, I get an annoying buzzing sound through the headphones. This means I have to always have my speakers unplugged unless I want to use them, and I have to manually plug them in every time. For the price I paid, this bothers me.
  3. So opinions seem pretty mixed.

    Is there anything of a similar or lower price that people would recommend as being higher quality?
  4. trust me man from what i read on the internet get a good pair of 2.1's and get a sound card and mic with it. Like get a decent pair of audiophile head phones with a dobly headphone sound card and buy a mic separate.
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