EVGA and ALLBenchmark Release Special Catzilla Benchmark

One of the strangest benchmarks you will ever see.

EVGA and ALLBenchmark Release Special Catzilla Benchmark : Read more
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  1. Wait, this is a benchmark?
    I might just use it because its funny to watch!
    At least its better than watching a few highly detailed spheres, I like it!
    After watching it a few times you can tell it is by all the tessellation and particles everywhere.
    Very well done I would say.
  2. Almost got excited til I had to pay to run it any resolution above 1024x576... yes 5 - 7 - 6
  3. No kitty. That's a bad kitty!

    Looks like someone at EVGA took the brown acid again :P
  4. Actually, idk, i cant do the upgrade option. It just crashes lol
  5. Catfight! Rofl.
  6. Just as a warning, there are settings in this benchmark that effect Windows system settings without any confirmation or description of what it's changing. In other words I had a lot of trouble figuring out what system settings were changed and how they were changed. For some reason an admin in their forums couldn't tell me what the default settings were, and told me I would have to figure it out on my own. Not because he didn't know, but because he refused.

    The benchmark itself was kind of a disappointment, I didn't think there was anything particularly graphically stunning about it. And I think you have to become a member just to 'unlock' the 720p resolution. Yes, this means that in addition to requiring you to become a member just to run the benchmark at an irrelevant resolution, you also can't go any higher without paying.
  7. Catzirra!
  8. Another try and buy routine, don't see the point of using it now
  9. That cat fight reminds me of this
  10. I bought the benchmark. It is actually pretty demanding and I will be using it
    for benching. My only gripes are the frequency of updates that seem to come
    out for it (really needs a solid, stable release for long term use) and the rather
    poor means of comparing submitted results.

  11. old news damn I knew bout this like a while back!
  12. Does it run on Samsung phones? :)
  13. They didn't really change anything just slapped the logo around some spots. Well at least this means financial backing can't wait for cat zilla 2.
  14. But can it run Catzilla?
  15. The Catzilla UI FUBARs for me
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