Why do I get BSOD Memory Management even thought Windows Memory Diagnostic says there is no error?

First time it happened was a few months ago. After it happened I went into safe mode, ran WMD, and it was done my computer restarted and says it found no error. And 3-4 hours later it happened again so I went to check my computer. I had thought it was too hot so I took the side panel out and evne installed a cooler for my ram. It didn't happen again for a few months. But then yesterday I got it 2 times and I've alreayd gotten once today. I don't know what to do I ran WMD 3 times already and says it found no error. This is getting annoying and it's killing my computer slowly by making me hold down the power button in order to turn it off. Help please.
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  1. Does your RAM have an XMP profile applied?

    Is it running at rated speeds and voltages?

    What is your cpu and motherboard
  2. I am not overclocking anything at the moment.
    CPU-i7 26000k and mobo-asus p8z68 deluxe gen3 updated to the latest version.
    and the speeds and voltages I do not know. how do i check? sorry im new to the computer stuff
  3. You need to enter your BIOS

    Boot and press the DEL key as your computer starts and it will take you to configuration options for the motherboard

    If you dont have a manual for the motherboard then download the PDF and read that
  4. I reseted mine to all defaults and it happened again after like 1 week
  5. leaking.. Need to go to regedit and Hkey Local Machine/system/controlset001/services/ndu then goto on start, right click modify the change the value to 4..
  6. you would have to look at the error codes, the memory diagnostic will test physical ram (memory) but you can get a bugcheck due to virtual memory also.
    where the data in RAM is paged to disk (c:\pagefile.sys) This means old sata drivers, drive firmware, drive errors can also lead to a memory management bugcheck. even a virus can corrupt memory and you can get a memory management bugcheck. It means the data in RAM is wrong rather than the RAM does not work. fluctuations in voltages can also lead to CPU cache memory errors.
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