120 Hz monitor locks at 60 fps on Fullscreen in some games, Windowed mode goes back to 120 fps

I just got a Benq XL2420T at 120 Hz, in many games if I go to fullscreen my framerate caps at 60 fps no matter what I do ( Max Payne3, FIFA 14, Bioshock Infinite, etc ).. specially if I enable vsync. If I switch to Windowed mode I get my 120 fps again but my performance is not the same so I need to fix this.

If I play with no vsync I get a really annoying screen tearing most of the time.

How can I fix this problem?

PS: some other games have no problems at all, I set vsync and I get 120 fps all the time ( Devil May Cry, League of Legends, etc )

My rig:

i7 4770k stock
8 Gigs of ram
Gtx 760 2GB
Win 7 64 bits

Thanks in advance
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  1. since you only have 1 gtx 760 not all of those games will run at 120 fps with vsync on, you'll have to play without vsync or upgrade your gpu if you want 120 fps with vsync active in those games.

    vsync locks your fps to what your gpu can output if it isn't strong enough to get a stable 120 fps it will limit it to 60 fps, if that doesn't work it will limit to 30 fps.
  2. I get 120 fps all the time in FIFA 14 even with all options maxed out in Nvidia Control Panel, but the game still locks at 60 fps in fullscreen.

    In Bioshock Infinite I get 120 fps most of the time also, and this problem repeats.

    I had a 60 Hz Led monitor when I installed all this games, maybe the configuration is messed up or something, but I don't know how to fix it
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