Performance: SSDs in RAID0 (SATA 2) vs SSD (SATA 3)

I'm running two 96GB SSD drives in RAID0 on my desktop; these drives are SATA 2.
Recently I purchased a 480GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD; this one is SATA 3.

My plan was to use the new 480GB drive in my desktop. The other drives will be re-purposed in laptops.

That said, I've run a few performance benchmarks using ATTO and CrystalDiskMark and the results are leaving me a little confused on which set up I should go with.

CDM tests are making me lean towards sticking with the RAID0 set up.
ATTO tests seem to be telling me the opposite.

I know my RAID0 set up is giving me a big boost in performance...but I expected more out of the Vertex 3 running SATA 3 speeds.

Album of SSD Benchmarks
  • Photos 1/2 using ATTO
  • Photos 3/4 using CDM with 0FILL
  • Photos 5/6 using CDM with default settings

Any thoughts?
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  1. well, you're not seeing orders-of-magnitude differences between them...
    and your current setup IS working...
    and either way you still have a single-point-of-failure... (RAID0 is not RAID because it has no redundancy, so it just a fancy sticker, like TURBO on a Corolla)

    if something goes wrong, which one is easier to recover from, or rebuild / restore?

    and if you have 2 laptops that could benefit from an SSD, then there's your solution.
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