Atom D525 vs Celeron 1007U, which one is produce less heat?

I'm looking for a barebone computer and deciding which one to get, ZOTAC ZBOX ID18 and ID41 are on my list of consideration. The ID 18 has a Celeron 1007U and the ID41 has a Atom D525 CPU, I still can't decide after browsing the official spec from Intel. I want the one which produces less heat.
Atom D525: Max TDP 13W ; Lithography 45nm
Celeron 1007U: Max TDP 17W ; Lithography 22nm

I know the better manufacturing technology produces less heat in theory, but what about the practical side? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Atom. The TDP is basically the amount of heat it produces
  2. they both dont produce very much heat to begin with. and your right the better tech "should" produce less heat or at least more manageable heat. to be honest i doubt anybody is going to be able to give you an exact answer unless you have a laser thermo and both side by side.

    but the atom doesn't have any thermal monitoring and has very limited throttling capabilites. the celeron can throttle itself much more efficient and thus when in a low power state will put off less heat than the atom. when under load it may produce more... but over time it should in theory be better suited.

    but my guess is your going to want to go with the celeron anyways because that atom is pretty old and lacks in the newer instruction sets, doesnt incorporate intel hd graphics, and it only supports ddr3-800. not to mention the celeron is at the least more than double the speed of atom. i cant imagine a situation where the small differences in heat you "may or may not" see between the two would be worth sacrificing all the advantages of the celeron.
  3. Thanks for the help from Alpha3031 and nikoli707!
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