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Hi guys so today i just received my parts for my first custom PC and the only part that is still on its way is my gpu and i was wondering if i could start building and put the gpu in last when it arrives.
Also when building the PC is it fine to build it on a wood table in my kitchen with stoves and other stuff around?

btw the gpu isnt going to arrive in another 2-3 weeks or so because of the holidays and the store I ordered from is out of stock. :)
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    Yes, you can begin your build. In fact, if you [also] have integrated video, that's probably what you'd want to do anyway.
    You can build in your kitchen. I'd recommend an anti-static wrist strap, and do not sit in a rolling chair.
  2. Yes it is perfectly acceptable to build your PC without having your GPU there. Make sure you ground yourself (touch something metal) prior to working. As long as you're not working on top of rug, or somethign else that conducts electricity, you will be fine.
  3. Second Onus on the location. If you have the kitchen table/counter or anywhere else with plenty of space to lay things out without screws being able to roll away, the better. Good lighting and space to move and rotate your case is essential.

    When installing the OS for you system, try to keep the build minimal at first. Leave secondary/extra storage devices, USB headers in the case, and everything that isn't essential out, this process of installing on the minimum and adding parts in after the OS is installed will insure you have the most stable platform from the ground up, rather than putting everything in and trying to diagnose potential (although hopefully non-existent) problems after the fact.
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