CRYORIG Kicks off with R1 CPU Cooler

A new startup company, CRYORIG, has announced its R1 CPU cooler.

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  1. Looks to be a good first entry into the high end cooling market.
    Depending on the price, this could be a good alternative to noctua's big air coolers.

    Looking forward to the price and reviews!
  2. Could more heatpipes compensate for thinner (seemingly) fin arrays when compared to the NH-D14? Tom's? :D
  3. Should cool a 290X adequately.

    With enough velcro.
  4. Looks like it should be all sorts of RAM friendly, which is good to see.

    We'll see how having two different fin stacks per tower works out for them though.
  5. When I first read the name I thought this was a collaboration between Crytek (CRY) and EA (ORIG), is it actually affiliated with either of those companies?
  6. Looks good, now how does it perform, time for some benchmarks Tom's
  7. Maximum Fan. No? Ok.
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