LG Shows Off G Flex at U.S. Unveiling

G Flex showed off all of its tricks in California earlier this week.

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  1. (yawn)
  2. From watching the video its quite clear that this phone isn't actually "flexible" in the full sense of the word, so much as it is just slightly resistant to being snapped in half.

    I actually thought this would be cool, maybe even something that could be rolled up.

    It turns out that it would have been more accurate to have used "not very flexible" or "a little more flexible than other phones" instead.

    I'm not impressed.
  3. When they make a truly foldable phone with a 6 inch screen that can me made smaller than a wallet and as thin as a couple credit cards thick I'll upgrade not until then with these gimicky phones with weal specs.
  4. But is there a way to lock the case from flexing? Ppl with stronger hands might accidently bend it when it wasn't meant to.
  5. This will make butt dialing much easier!
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