Cheap 23"+ 1920x____ IPS? Monitor for gaming

Looking to buy cheap monitor for mostly gaming, i would like IPS, i know they have slower response times but is it so bad ? requirements 23" and 1920x1080, would prefer x1200 but they seem to be out of my price range. i play moba, rpg and mmo games

its hard to name price range since they vary a lot between locations and the stuff here is quite a bit more expensive than in us or other larger markets, but it could be around 200$

atm im looking at BenQ GW2320 its one of cheapest IPS here
Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ. 14ms, 5ms (GtG)

tn have faster response, but the picture seems to be ugly
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  1. for $200 all you will likely get is e-ips which are 6bit+frc hence are as color accurate as tn panels (which are also mostly 6bit+frc). perhaps they are better than 6bit panels without frame rate control but they arent anywhere near as nice as true 8 bit panels (even though 6bit+frc is marketed as 8bit falsely)

    any ips is going to have a better viewing angle than tn though.
  2. but wont e-IPS look better than tn(not more accurate colors but nicer to look at)

    at least on youtube they seem a bit better when looking at tests
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    not always.

    some people may like a tn panel with a glossy screen (since colors will look bright and vivid) over a e-ips panel with a matte screen (since things will look subdued).

    there are more factors at play than just panel type.

    the bad part about a glossy coating is the horrible glare which is why i recommend matte finishes even if they do not look as vivid.

    personally i would go for an e-ips over a tn any day of the week since viewing angle is a big issue for me. it isnt the only option and depends on what you care about most or if you are sensitive to response time.
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