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My wife and I connect to the internet via two JetPacks from Verizon.

Question: Can we set up a wireless network without any additional equipment? We can both, if needed, connect through either one of these devices. They are both HotSpots.......same devices.

I have spent the past three or four days trying to get this thing working to no avail. I had two folks working with me via a group (actually, mostly only one person). By now her head is spinning and her hair has been pulled out :).

I have set up networks before and am no stranger to computers. I can edit the registry when told how/where to do so. I know NOTHING about all the geeky stuff shown in ipconfig /all.

I do't know where to start, since I'm already waist deep in aligators.

I have set up a network called MSHOME, but it doesn't show up where my wife's computer is concerned. She is MOM-LAPTOP, I am TOSHIBA. Neither of us can access files on the other computer, although they are shared.

Basically, at this point, I'm wondering WHY MSHOME doesn't show up where we can add MOM to it.

Let me include a few snap shots so maybe you folks can see what is happening. I keep thinking something is screwed up in Vista. We both are running Vista Basic, SP2. They don't look alike all that much. I have a Toshiba and she has a Dell. I have made changes to the registry as advised where DWORD is concerned and also unchecked IPv6 on both.

http:///cant-access-mom.jpg" class="img lazy">
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  1. If you attach to different hotspots then you have no chance. First this is the same problem as if you were to share files with someone across the country. You would have to get the port mapping correct. Problem is on verizons LTE network unless you pay extra you must share public addresses, the hotspots themselves are getting private address so there is NAT being done on a router you have no access to.

    Now if you were to connect to the same hotspot then "maybe" it will work. First thing to do is see if you can even ping between the machines. There is a chance verizon has activated a wireless security feature that prevents traffic from flowing between wireless sessions.

    If you have a ethernet port on each machine I would just cable the machines together. You can then assign static IP and share files over the ethernet and still use the wireless to access the internet.
  2. Thanks, Bill. I've done all the law allows, plus some more, and this thing won't work. BTW, we set this thing up using just ONE Jetpack.

    What you said about VZ having done something to prevent it within their devices is my next point of determination. I'll have to speak with them.

    It works to the point of being able to see all machines on the network, but not being able to access a machine other than the one you are using.

    I've spent a number of days trying, off and on, so it just isn't worth it. We only use the old laptops when we travel, three four months per year and we don't REALLY have to network :). However. I get determined when things go like this and tend to beat my head up against the wall :hot:.
  3. I called about the device and was assured that the problem was NOT with the device?

    Then what the heck is?

    Just looking at this picture and have TWO questions about it.

    1. How the heck did the "internet gateway" icon get in there.

    2. I noticed that MOM-LAPTOP doesn't show MSHOME under the right hand column as does TOSHIBA.
  4. I will bump this hoping someone who is better at mircosoft that I am knows the answer.

    If you can ping between the 2 machines ip addresses it has to be something in the network sharing stuff in the OS.
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