Why does my mb have different voltages for each RAM module? Also, upgrade suggestions requested.


One of my 2 4G RAM modules appears to be fried (lots of freezing and blue screens before I pulled one module, then everything started working fine again), but I want to make sure I am adding the right memory.

I have a ASUS P7P55D E-Pro. It has 4 RAM slots and I'm confused as to why they're listed like this in the Crucial diagnostic. They are all DDR3 PC3:


I don't know what this means. Does it mean that I have to buy 4 RAM chips, each one of which must correspond to the voltage listed above? Newegg lists a bunch of memory that it says will work with my system, but I want to make sure.

Also, is my MB too old to bother upgrading? If so, I can live with 4G RAM and maybe build a new one next year.

But if the MB is ok, my weak link, according to the MS index, is my processor, which scores a 5.9--everything else is around 7.1. Should I get a SSD processor--if so, which one?

Again, I'm listening, so if you think anything would be a waste of money just let me know, and I'll have a new one built next year.

Fyi I don't make movies or anything on my PC, just some gaming--WoT, Rift--that kind of thing.

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  1. The bit with the DRAM just shows what it can run, you can run 1-4 sticks, best is 2 or 4
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