Battlefield 4 on i3 2120 sandybridge / P8H61-M LE based system - which graphics card to buy?

Hi, I'd like to buy the best possible graphics card for my i3 2120 based PC, ideally so it could play Battlefield 4 at 60fps on high settings. My budget is around £200 and I am considering the current Tom's hardware upper midrange recommendations of GeForce GTX 760 or the Radeon HD 7950 Boost or perhaps the R9 280X.

Do you think one of the above cards would be a good choice for my setup or am I going overboard considering I only have an i3 2120 CPU?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. any of those cards will be able to hit that point I believe, and the i3 is alright, you'll meet a slight bottleneck with it especially in multiplayer but it's no reason to get a weaker GPU.

    BF4 likes AMD more but they are all good cards, but overall I believe it's R9 280x > GTX 760 = HD 7950
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