I want to run two ASUS VS248H-P Black 24" monitors on my gtx 780 video card, is it possible?

I currently use one of the monitors plugged into the DVI outlet (DVI to DVI) on my gtx780 card, and I want to use the second monitor as well but I don't have another DVI outlet on the card. I'm thinking, could I use a DVI-HDMI converter and plug the DVI part in the back of my monitor and run the HDMI part to an HDMI outlet and run the two monitors perfectly?
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  1. Why not.
    I use 1 HDMI and 1 VGA monitor on my card(geforce 210) perfectly well. No issues.
  2. Thank you for your reply, I was just making sure because I didn't want to go out and buy a converter (DVI to HDMI) and not have my monitor set up work.
  3. If your monitor has audio output(like my tv) then no audio. But video will work.
    DVI supports higher resolutions than HDMI does, but HDMI supports audio, DVI doesn't.
    So no audio, but video will work perfectly.
  4. Yes it is possible as well as up to 4 different displays straight to it! You can always go to your NVidia control panel to configure your displays whether you're putting your 2nd display on top, left, right, bottom... etc. :)
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