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A friend is looking to fully upgrade his system. He says he wants to stay with Intel, but I think that AMD has some great products that he could benefit from...such as a good CPU.

Anyhow, hypothetically, if you had the money to upgrade to the 4960 (~$1,000.00) but would like to save some by buying the 9590 instead (~$400.00), would you do it? Again, knowing that you COULD afford the Intel, but should you? Would you regret it?

Also, would there be a more sensible choice for around $400 that you would make?
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  1. I would not even buy the FX 9590 for $200. The 4960x spanks it across the board anyway. The absolute best cpu you can get under $400 is the i7 4770k which also spanks the 9590. AMD has some good product though under $200. The FX 8350 is a fine chip and I would rather have it over the 9590 even if they were the same price.
  2. Intel is Best.......AMD had 8 core....but it cann't give the performance tat s given by 4 core Intel processor.....

    For now Intel is best
    4960x s really good compared to FX 9590
  3. I switched from the 3770k to the 9590 because it was so hard to cool it, I even delided the heat spreader and was always running around 95 to 105 till the chip burned and I've tried many coolers good ones and no luck maybe it was a defective chip because I own a 3570k and had no problems with it. But anyways the 9590 is a real good chip as well I don't regret anything it performs close to the 3770k but stays at a much cooler 52 degrees under load with a h100i I would go with the 2011 platform if I had the money but is just too costly I grabbed the 9590 and the crosshair formula z for cheap so no regrets here however I would not go with another intel that's not 2011 platform because of the cheap intel paste used instead of the soldering of previous chips I also saved money for two 780 EVGA ACXs and had not a single reboot while gaming. :)
  4. The 4960X will walk all over the 9590. IMO both are ridicilous choices.
  5. I think FX 9590 wont be so bad for gaming as it can almost give as same level of performance as 4960x within $400.
  6. Instead of 4960x get the 4930k as it's slightly worse performance but save you a ton of cash.

    AMD cannot compete with Intels extreme CPU's at any anything.
  7. If I were a simple user/gamer I'd stick with the lower end offerings (anything under $300). Of the CPUs I'd choose there would definitely be a 4670K and FX-8350 in my list (depending on what games I'd be planning on playing that is).

    I would never go Extreme Edition or even Intel 6 Core if I were simply a gamer/casual user.
  8. If I were gaming, then I would get the FX-9590, It'll give you 90% of the performance for 40% of the price when it's under heavy load. Besides, when you're gaming, and all you care about is FPS and frame latency, there's no noticeable difference between the 2 processors. If you have a good GPU then your frames will stay above $60 without a problem, it'd be a waste of money to get the 4960X, especially since the 9590 will perform better in games like Watch Dogs and BF4 compared to the similarly priced Intel CPUs. Basically, I would buy the 9590 and use the money I saved to buy an extra R9 290X with a good water block.

    If I wasn't using it for video editing, or other extremely demanding multimedia use, then I would buy the i7, because it'll give me much better performance for everyday things.
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