The Future of AMD? What are your thoughts?

Hey whats up everyone,

I saw the AMD had a leaked road map that showed no products planned for the AM3+ Chip Set. I have a million questions i wish i new the answers to. I'm a AMD loyalist. always had AMD all the way back to the Athlon XP days when i first started building my own rigs. Id hate to have to buy Intel Chips and Chip sets because AMD stops delivering CPU's for gamers. What are the rumors? what is going on??

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I have a Simple theory.. FM2/FM2+ where AMD's beta platform for APU's. as there tech is advancing the limitations of the chip sets may be becoming relevant. Given that the PS4 is running and AMD APU on DDR5 draws me to the conclusion that AMD is first to strick blood with DDR5 on a grand scale and will push it in to there next Chip set. I think AMD is planning to skip DDR4. I also don't think AMD is stupid. They didn't let that slide slip out with out knowing it. There are no products listed but it's on there. could be strictly software support or maybe there planning the crown of the FX series chips to help move left over AM3+ mother board stock. either way i see both FM2/AM3 sockets being replaced by a FM3 socket very soon. I do believe FM2+ will remain relevant for a few years with lower end APU upgrades and will be more of the budget king of desktop pc's. I also see a lot of retailers like Dell and exc, offering more AMD boxes because of the performance and price. AMD being in all new consoles has helped to give AMD a better name and Brand.

I also don't expect a whisper of news from AMD cause a jump on DDR5 desktops on Intel could help regain market share. strategically. but they will need and Intel competitor/killer to be the flag ship chip on there new Socket. this is where the tech in APU's becomes the standard and the gap begins to close on Intel in the performance competition.

AMD by default is the victor in who has the better GPU's. there as good as Nvidia six ways to sunday and Intel is miles behind them. GPu's can do more then just render video games. they can be used to process application's and software if it supports it. which i believe more software will do as APU's become the standard. we wont see any more CPU's out of AMD. which i agree with cause APU's will power all mobile and tablet devices and lower end desktops and laptop, so every app and peace of software will have the option to utilize the fast GPU on the APU to process faster.

And i think that flag ship High End APU will be the Phenom III. the number of cores could range from a really powerful quad core CPU with a GPU more powerful then what is in the PS4 to Powerful 8 core CPU's with a less powerful GPU for the high end market. the assumption being the GPU core would be used for processing apps and software/extensions, Not Graphics. though the option will more then likely be there to use it for graphics it wont be as nice of a GPU as in the quad but will have a much more powerful CPU. where as the cheaper chips will have a better GPU for those looking for that option as well.

I see thing's moving in this general direction. and i maybe off on numbers or some points but i do see it happening. blu ray was the standard in the PS3, became the Stand. if the mass market has it and production is kicking. thats the product to go with. so i see things coming full circle on this general theory at some point very soon. i dont think AMD will talk till there ready to deliver. i also see server APU chips but thats not really what interests me. i think AMD is planning a come back, and there going to transition but they still want to put there tech out there to rebuild there name.

Its the begining of the Age of The APU. actually very exciting. been a dream for many years and i just hope AMD can deliver on the CPU side of things a little better then before. there GPU's are spot on. and the market is shifting in favor of APU's and i think AMD may have Intel bet In that department if they can deliver a APU that has a very very powerful CPU side.

those are my thoughts.. tell me yours. where do you think AMD is taking its AIM?
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  1. Whatever their aim is let's hope they don't have to keep taking out loans to help them achieve it.
  2. AMD will want to abandon the old Phenom/Athlon/Sempron names as it suggests that the product is not completely new. They got away with that on FX because enough time had elapsed between the release of the old products and the new ones.
  3. Phenom is a well know name among AMD loyalists. the phenom Chips where actually not half bad either. though i agree that fresh is what AMD needs. part of me wants them to return the Phenom name but i agree with you as well.
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