Looking for AMD GPU for under $250

Hey guys, i was planning on getting a new GPU soon, and my budget is 200-250$ I would prefer AMD... I was looking at the 7870, but is there a better card for the money?

Current specs
AMD A10-5800k apu
4gb ADATA Ram
ASrock Extreme 6 motherboard
If you need more info let me know.
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  1. If you're looking at a 7870, make sure you get a 7870 XT which is REALLY worth the money.
    It's about the same performance as a 7950.
    I bought a slightly used Sapphire HD 7950 boost on Amazon for $200 and I max out games like BF4, Sleeping dogs..

    There's an R9 270x which is a rebranded 7870, or a r9 280x which is rebranded 7950/7970.
    When comparing the 270x to the 280x, the 280x has a ~30% performance increase but ~$150 more.
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