Thermaltake 2.0 extreme with 4 arctic f12 fans

I was wondering if Arctic f12 PWM fans would be good for this water cooler and if its a step up above the two stock fans it comes with. I just want a low price fans with good air flow and not too noisey.

Also if anyone knows the performance differences between the Thermaltake 2.0 extreme and the Thermaltake 2.0 PRO it would be appreciated because I was trying to decide between those two also.
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    The Extreme, has a long radiator, allowing for a total of four fans. The Pro is a shorter, but thicker, and so only allows for two fans. I believe the Extreme is acknowledged as the better performer, but both will all you to do pretty good overclocks.

    As for Arctic F12 PWMs, they're definitely not bad fans. I can't speak for how well they are versus the stock fans, but in my experience they still stand respectably against Corsair SP120 performance editions, which only perform a couple degrees better.

    Here are a couple round-ups where the Arctic fan managed to perform approximately the same as the Noctua NF-F12:,17.html

    (I'm pretty sure I just sent some people frothing at the mouth with this.)
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