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I've recently purchased a Razer Mamba mouse from However it was faulty when i got it so i got a exchange and sent the other one back but didn't put the cable it came with in the packaging. what do you think they will do??

It came in this crazy box that had manuals the mouse a charging dock and cable that goes to the dock(or if you want hook it to the mouse).
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    Might charge u for the cable. Send u back the package or ask for u to send them the missing piece
  2. That would be weird, wonder how much of the $100 mouse would be the cable :-S
  3. Normally if it's Amazon they don't bother but if it's a marketplace item they normally ask you to send the remaining item back aswell.
  4. Yeah i guess time will tell, should i contact them or let them contact me?
  5. id just wait and see what happens than deal with it when it comes.
  6. Sounds good thanks for your suggestions!
  7. anytime dude :)
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