How much should I sell Ps3 120GB + GTA 5 for?

120gb used PS3 + 2 controllers
New GTA 5 PS3 - Unused code
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  1. i checked on my local Craigslist, and it seems like they are going for about 100-300$ depending on accessories... (ex:ps 3 with a stupid game and 2 controllers is 100, ps 3, 3 controllers, and uncharted is 200$, while a PS3, with 1 controller, and GTA:V costs 300) look around craigslist to see other people's prices, and post it for that much.

    If you want to make money fast, post gta nad ps3 separate. if you just want to sell both, post them together.
  2. I'll say sell the PS3 120gb Slim System for $145, GTA for $39.99 and PS3 Controller for $5. That is almost $200!
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