Need New PSU + Possibly Graphics Card

Hey guys,

I've been having problems with my current gpu-psu setup (at least that's what I've been lead to believe). I have an ATI HD5770 graphics card and PC-550AUBA-M psu. The problem is a recurring one in which the pc turns off (not 'no power' off - display goes black, doesn't respond to anything). I've been advised to replace one of, if not both, of these pieces of hardware.

Basically I'd appreciate help in choosing what I need to buy. I wouldn't trust myself to build a good pc to save my cats life. If I replace my current gpu with something more powerful do I need to do the same with my psu? Or could I potentially still use my gpu if I got a more powerful psu? I'm unaware of how this stuff works.

Erm, thanks for taking a glance, I'll happily answer any questions, I realise my descriptions can be both rambling and lacking in information.

Edit: Changed title, got it wrong way round :)
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  1. Before you start buying stuff, did you test the video card in another system, or test another video card in your? Granted you need a system to test it in, if you don't have anyone you know with a good computer that will run a 5770 you are stuck with just buying a new card to try.

    This is a good replacement power supply and a Radeon 7770 is a direct replacement for your current card. If you want a faster one, that really depends on your budged and the rest of the system build.

    This is a great list of recommended video cards in different price ranges and speeds,3107.html To use anything past the lower few you would want to have a i3 class CPU, and the upper mid range you'd want an i5.
  2. I haven't tested them no, but Ive tested everything else in the PC (from hdd to RAM) and by the process of elimination (plus a similar case incl. an ATI HD5770) I've deduced that the problem lies with the psu. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have a look and see if anything tickles me.
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