Do I need to move my display adapter from video card to mobo before crossfiring?

My question is as follows. I am getting ready to upgrade my rig to Xfire HD 7950 cards. I have read many how to guides and watched tutorials on how to do this.

My basic understanding goes like this. Turn off PC. Ground yourself, open case, plug in new video card, attach psu cables, secure framing and add xfire bridge. Reboot.

Some of my reading revealed that is a good idea to uninstall video drivers then reinstall upon boot up, until then run through mobo graphics. Since my monitor is hooked up to my video card now if i disable/uninstall the drivers will my screen come back or do I need to switch my monitor to the mobo video input/output before I disable/uninstall or will the mobo graphics unit pick up and run video to my monitor regardless of video card drivers being installed?
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    After uninstalling the AMD drivers, the desktop resolution will change but you will still have video output from the card.
  2. PERFECT. Thank you.

    A silly question now is even though both my cards are from different manufacturers (1 is HIS, the other VisionTek) will I need different drivers or is it simply the 7950 one encompassing driver.
  3. just get the drivers from amd and make sure they are the most recent beta drivers. everything the previous poster said is correct. This is the setup I am running and it works great. I have a powercolor and a msi twin frozr. 7950
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