How to mannually reduce GPU fan speed to less than default idle speed?

My new MSI R7850 Twin Frozr III 2GD5/OC arrived today.

Afterburner shows that when I'm doing non-graphic things in Windows8, the GPU usage is 0%, temperature is 25 C, and fan speed is defaulted at 30%. I feel the fan speed is wasted, so I tried to manually set it to lower.

This is how I set it:

According to Afterburner, now the temperature remains 25, and fan speed is at 0, however, when I visually look the fan, it's still spinning, and the speed seems exactly the same as when it's 30%, as far as I see it.

So how can I let it spin slower, if the temperature is not high enough to deserve 30%?
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  1. There is nothing wrong with not using fans or using slow speeds, as long as it stays cool.
    I would HIGHLY recommend not doing so however. Set it to auto fan speeds in MSI or CCC.
    If for some reason graphics kick in, you will fry your card if its limited to 0-10%.
  2. You should set it to at least 25% or 30% no matter how zombie cold it is. Such fans are not meant to run super slow. They are built to last very long anyway. No need to worry as along as you can't hear the fan.
  3. To Gam3r01 and huilun02: Thanks very much for your quick reply. I was editing the post when you replied. I found that Afterburner is lying: the fan is still spinning, so I edited it to a whole other question. But your answers were very helpful. Maybe I should forget about lower the speed.
  4. Well to the updated portion:
    That is a good way to set it, with good speeds at the temps there. I think THINK MSIs version of "0" is 25%.
    Im remembering reading that somewhere, Im fairly certain that it wont go below 25 or something like that.
    I still would not set it lower than that however.
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