Sony Xperia Z Ultra Goes Pure Android on Google Play

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  1. Awesome! Now how much..
  2. Display makers piss me off 1080p on a 6.44 inch screen for a phone and yet they can't innovate desktop display resolutions afford-ably?
  3. otacon said:
    Phones have come full circle... they started out huge and you looked stupid talking on one. Now we're back to huge and you'd stupid talking on one.

    I loved my old giant Motorola handset. That thing rocked in 1989.

    The new big phones are nice, but a brick battery would be a nice option to have, along with a giant rubber antennae.
  4. ARG! Where is a new up to date Xperia Play?
  5. MultiplAds said:
    We don't hear much about Sony Ericsson nowadays anymore, do we. Their market share is pretty much none.

    Umm, yeah, 'cuz Sony bought out Ericsson's share and it's folded into Sony now.

    I had an Xperia Arc before and that's the phone that got me hooked on Android. They make some really nice phones, and I never understood why they didn't leverage their retail network (Sony stores and other retailers) to sell their phones directly and unlocked (like Apple does).
  6. I saw that thing at the Sony store in Costa Mesa - the sheer size of that "phone" is ridiculous. There's no way it could fit into the standard male pants pocket. You might as well use a Nexus 7 as a phone.
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