6670 1 gb ddr5 or 6670 2 gb ddr3

im all set to buy hd6670 2gb ddr3 for Rs.5200 then i found 6670 1gb ddr5 for 5400. im confused to choose plz help.
My Pc:db75en MB,4gb ram,i3 3210,monitor:1366x768.
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  1. ddr5 model will be faster but by a few or marginal difference.
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    get the ddr5, do not worry about the 2gb.
    besides, if the game requires more than 1gb (like ultra settings) the card does not have the muscle anyway. Also you have an i3. so even if the card has 4gb it would not matter
  3. GDDR5 is better. Get that since it isn't much more
  4. Hd 6670 1gb Gddr5 is way to go
  5. Get GDDR5
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