World War II ham radio PC mod - check it out

Just got finished building a PC into an old World War II ham radio for my GFs dad for his man cave. Took 2 pictures of what it looks like with a flash and without so you can see the lighting. It isnt perfect, but I think it looks pretty cool. Ignore the other PC in these pics that was a build I did for someone here at TH. Let me know if ya like the PC mod, hate it, whatever. Thanks for taking a look.

PC consists of:

AMD a10-6800k APU
MSI FM2 motherboard
4gb of RAM
500 gb hard drive (its built into the PC, not sure you can see it on the inside tho)
250w PSU
4 red LEDs
Isnt built for gaming, as he is not a gamer. But itll be plenty for the everyday use he uses it for.

Heres the link:
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  1. nice mod :)
  2. Thank you. The empty vaccum tube plugs actually have tubes to go in them but I was cleaning them when I took the pics. Keeping the patina for the most part which is why it looks kinda grimey. Its just old heh.
  3. Year but looks good
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