Hard drive "migration" maybe RAID?

I am currently using a 5400rpm 1.5Tb and just bought 2 western digital RE3 7200rpm 1Tb drives.

First off i'm wondering if i can simply mirror my windows drive on to one of the 1Tb drives and it work without issue or if i need to reinstall.

Secondly i'm wondering if i should get a 3rd RE3 and do raid 5?
if the performance difference is noticeable enough to pay off.
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  1. 1) You can either Reinstall or use a Free Program like EASEUS Partition manager and make the Raid 1 and then Clone your current windows to it. Then remove/format your old OS drive after you can make sure your booting from the Raid 1

    2) A Raid 5 is mainly for redundancy. It WILL NOT be as fast as a Raid 1, 0, 10, 0+1 due to Parity bit overhead which can also tax the CPU a bit. If it was strictly data storage I'd say go for it but for an OS or a drive with a lot of writes it not as good.

    I could just stick with the Raid 1. When you clone the OS it will resize the parititon to fit. If EASEUS Don't work Use Marcrium Reflect and make a Bootable Disk. The reason why i suggest Easus first is because its better at cloning OS partitions.
  2. Thank you sir. and thanks for the program recommendation.
  3. Very Welcome. If you need any other help just ask
  4. sorry about bumping an old thread but i finally got around to trying to do this and i cannot get easus to resize the partion automatically. any suggestions?
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