Which are the best free tools/apps for Windows 7?

Hi,everyone!I'm still using xp and will switch after my exams are over coming March.I was wondering what free tools are available for use with the operating system.I've heard of software like game-boosters and RAM-disks so I've started this thread to find some.Please post/link to any of the following you may have knowledge of:
Free office suits
Free anti-viruses
Anti-malware and spyware
Photo editing software
Video editing software
Audio editinhg
Music player
Mouse and keyboard control
Graphics-card overclocking
Document converter
And any other free tools!
This is more about building a database of free Windows 7 software than upgrading but please overlook that!:)
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  1. "Game boosters" aren't really necessary with a good PC. They more or less do the same thing that registry cleaners and system optimizers do. For these purposes, the free version of CCleaner by Piriform is more than sufficient. It allows you to remove invalid registry entries quickly and easily, as well as edit the list of applications launched by Windows at start-up therefor freeing up more resources.

    OpenOffice.org is an office suite with almost all the features of MS Office, for free. More info and full list of applications, here: https://www.openoffice.org/product/index.html

    The best bang for your buck AV/antimalware (which is $0, since we're talking free software) would be IMHO the free version of MalwareBytes, coupled with the free version of AVG Security. That should give adequate security. If you're really worried, or feel like a probable target for online scams, you might wanna cough up a few bucks and get Bit Defender Total Security.

    By far the best free photo editing software available is Gimp. Nothing else to say here.

    I don't know any video or audio editing software off the top of my head.

    For music and video playback, nothing paid will ever come close to the free VLC Media Player. It, along with the CCCP (combined community codec pack) will play anything and everything you throw at it. Seamlessly, and beautifully.

    I don't know anything about RAM-disks, never used one a day in my life.

    Ad-blockers are free by default, and can be downloaded for any web browser. My personal favorite is Firefox, mainly because of the amount of add-ons available. I have my choice of about five different ad blockers. All seem to do the job just fine.

    I don't know what you're looking for when you say mouse and keyboard control. Can you be more specific?

    Most high end graphics cards ship with software that allows them to be overclocked from within Windows.

    Documents can be converted with OpenOffice.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
    And by RAM-disk,I mean software that allow you to use excess RAM space as a hard disk.Even faster than SSds in read/write,I hear.
    Mouse/Keyboard controller is just a name I invented for 3rd party mouse and keyboard button customization software.:)Stuff similar to gaming mice drivers to customize regular mice.I believe there's something like that called X Mousebutton.
    Thanks again for the reply.And which in your opinion is better?Kingsoft or Openoffice?
  3. I know what RAM disks are, I've just never used one. Ever. And I really wouldn't recommend you use one either. RAM is volatile memory, every time the PC loses power all the data in the RAM will be lost. This means you can never reboot, you can never shut down, etc etc.

    As far as macros and desktop automation goes, there's hundreds and hundreds of these applications to choose from. All of which do the same thing, or very similar. Here's one I found after a simple Google search; http://www.autohotkey.com/

    In my opinion, OpenOffice is better. It has always been and will always be 100% free and open source. Kingsoft on the other hand might look a litter fancier, but you're being screwed out of some of the good features without buying the paid version.
  4. Ok,screw RAM disks.Anyway,so open office is the way to go.Thanks a lot for the info,I would have gone with kingsoft if you didn't post that but after seeing the suites,I liked OO more.Thanks a bunch!
  5. Not a problem. You should try to find a list of open source software for Windows. There's plenty out there.

    Alternatively, you could use Linux. No viruses, and EVERYTHING is open source for Linux.

    Usually you don't even have to dig for applications, you just open the software center and download what you need. Gimp, VLC, and OpenOffice are all available cross platform, and other applications have free Linux counterparts.
  6. My mobo may not support Linux....................:(
    Thanks for the replies!
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