WTS: UPDATED - PC Parts & Accessories - MSI GTX 780 OC Edition, USB 3.0 hub, router, HDMI cable

UPDATE: Everything sold except for the GTX 780 (just added), USB 3.0 hub, router, and HDMI cable

Like the title says, I've got a few PC parts up for sale. I'm a long time lurker, but haven't ever registered until now. Figured I've got some stuff to sell and it's time to join the community! So please see below for my items and contact me if you have any questions or offers.

MSI GTX 780 OC Edition - Basically in brand new condition, only installed for a few days. Works perfectly and comes with all the original packaging and other accessories. Asking $445 shipped for it

Iogear USB 3.0 powered hub, model # GUH374. Good 4-port powered USB hub, comes with the AC plug and a USB 3.0 cable. Asking $22 shipped.

TP Link Wireless N Router, model # TL-WR841N. Bought this and ended up never using it, comes with the power cable and Ethernet cable. Asking $14 shipped.

Last item, 15ft HDMI cable. $12 shipped.

2 MSI GTX 660 Ti, model number N660TI-2GD5/OC. These are both only about 2 months old, very lightly used, never did any heavy gaming or overclocked them. They both come in the original boxes with all the original packaging, 2x Molex to PCI adapters each, and a DVI-VGA adapter for each. I'm asking $160 shipped in the continental US for each.

Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650M. Great power supply, handled the 2 GTX 660 Ti without any problems at all. Comes in the original box and packaging with the cables/adapters pictured below. I'm asking $65 shipped in the continental US.

Logitech Performance MX mouse. Lightly used, in excellent condition. Comes with the box and all original packaging. Also comes with the accessory carrying pouch, all the accessories are still brand new and unused. Asking SOLD! in the continental US.

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  1. Bump! Logitech Performance MX sold, awaiting payment on one of the GTX 660 Ti's. Prices dropped
  2. Bump, one GTX 660 Ti sold
  3. PM sent
  4. Did you get my PM
  5. I'm sorry, been away for a couple of days and I wasn't able to get online. Both graphics cards unavailable now, the power supply, USB hub, router, and HDMI cable are available still
  6. Bump... still available. Make me an offer if you're interested in something!
  7. Sent you a PM
  8. PM Sent
  9. Has anyone heard back from him?
  10. Nopers
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