which gpu for triple monitor gaming setup?

so i want to go triple monitor soon to play games like bf4 and so on and im wondering which card is better. a gtx 760 4gb or a radeon hd 7950 3gb? i will be getting two of them and overclocking both. I want to be able to play bf4 on at least high
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    There is no point on getting triple monitors and a GTX 760 or 7950 for high settings. BF4 will lag on high even on one monitor for the 7950. Get one monitor and a GTX 760 or three monitors on a GTX 770 or GTX 780 (More preferred).
  2. how can bf4 lag on high with the 7950? i can almost push out 32 fps with my 460 on high
  3. No you can't liar.
  4. I'm a liar?,KpeaSZb

    i actually got it up to ultra above 30 so you can shut up
  5. LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIARRRRRRRRRRRR.. I get 10 fps on low with my 560 ti and I think my card is better.
  6. how am i lying those are screenshots above
  7. il take a video tomorrow if you want
  8. Okay thanks babe.
  9. you get 10fps on low with a 560? lol your card must have taken a shit
  10. What do you mean. It just can't handle games like that. On Crysis 3 it gets like 100 fps. But not hard core games like bf4
  11. how is bf4 hard core?
  12. IDK it just wont run well.
  13. How many fps am I supposed to get?
  14. I have a fx 6300 with it.
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