I'm looking for a budget gaming pc, is this one decent?

Hi, i was just wondering is this is a decent gaming pc? I don't know much about gaming pc's, so I am looking for something cheap that gets the job done. I play games like dayz, skyrim and warframe, I would like to at least get medium to high graphics on these games. I am willing to pay for the extra graphics card upgrade, so which graphics card would be suitable? If this budget pc is not very good do you have any other recommendations on any other budget pc's in Australia.


Your opinions will be very appreciated, thanks. :)
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  1. no thats not a gaming pc, lacks graphic card.

    whats ur budget?
  2. iceclock said:
    no thats not a gaming pc, lacks graphic card.

    whats ur budget
    Around $500.
  3. ur country of origin and pc usages sir in order. thanks
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