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How to make my Windows xp see my partition label ?

Last response: in Storage
December 17, 2013 2:56:43 AM


I've got a problem, I had a primary Windows XP partition and in exteneded partition I had 3 ntfs logical partitions and 1 Linux logical partition, I accidentally formated that linux partition to fat 32 and now whenever I boot I see "invalid Partition Table" info. When I ran gparted it showed the whole HDD as it doesn't see any partitions. It's a real mess.

The only way i can see all partitions and sort of open files is by using Find and Mount. The problem with Mount and Find is that I cannot save update anything.

Is there any way to repair my partition label and make my partitions easily accessible ? Tried to use Unetbootin and remove MBR's but It didn't help.

Fdisk -
a b 5 Linux
a b G Storage
December 18, 2013 6:37:09 AM

You should be able to recover missing files using testdisk with your linux usb or dvd and an external storage place. Looking at the mess that your table has become I'd start over after saving what needs to be saved.