Next gen consoles in PC cases?

We have seen people put console's inside PC cases, if you google 'console in pc case' the second image is an excellent example, but I haven't seen any next gen consoles in PC cases. We have also seen liquid cooled consoles, but they look stupid regarless. Can anybody reccomend a PC case to install one, if not both next gen consoles inside of it? There is no point to this if we don't liquid cool them either am I right people? I would prefer smaller form factor case reccomendations as well please. Before I finish this post, I would like to mention that I was speaking to a mate and he said you could fit Wii U, Xbox one and PS4 in a 900D, and put in a monitor in the window along with it, lol.
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    Well any case you want to use will have to be modified and the consoles would most likely have to be liquid cooled do to loosing their tight airflow, but if you have the know how to properly mod a case then I'd just suggest you make it yourself.
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