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Hi, i have been greatly served by my g15 keyboard for the last 6 years. It has been reliable, easy to use and customise, the media keys proved to be really usefull and loved the backlit keys. But now, its time for this keyboard to retire. I am looking for the same kind of feature listed previously. i do have preference for logitech, but i am open minded about this. I mainly play solo gaming, i do NOT play MMORPG. the only online gaming i do is SC2 and some FPS, i play some rpg to in solo. i am lost with all the gaming keyboard out there and now there's the mechanical ones. i am not an expert so i am asking for your help. Budget is around 100$, a bit more if i'm really convinced. thank you much !
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  1. If you're partial to Logitech then I would recommend you look at the G710 Plus keyboard. It's backlit and has the function keys that can be customized. Plus, it's a mechanical keyboard and once you start using them you'll realize why so many people like them. This model is usually around $150 but can be found online for about $100.

    Cooler Master makes the CM Storm line that would also be within your price range and would work. You may also want to look at the Razer BlackWidows. You can find them within your price range or a little above and are very good as well.

    With a mechanical keyboard, you'll get a different tactile feel with the keypresses. Plus, they last a lot longer than conventional keyboards. The only issue is the type of key and noise level you could tolerate. If you have a Best Buy, Fry's, or similar store nearby see if you can find a few keyboards and see which ones feel best and work for you.
  2. i dont mind the sound my keyboard makes when im playing...!! as i said...im looking for a keyboard that is gonna keep goind trough the next 5-6 years like my g15
  3. I would say most mechanical keyboards will last you much longer than 5-6 years. The keys are designed for a LOT of wear and tear. As far as the ones I listed, the only one I would be somewhat reticent about is the Razer line. There were some issues with them in the past but from what I read and researched they improved their quality considerably. In fact, my first mechanical keyboard was a Razer blackwidow but I had to return it because my wife hated having function keys on it and she didn't like the weird font they use. I ended up going with a Mionix Zibal 60 and so far I absolutely love it, but it's a little higher than your intended price range and doesn't have any customizable features. I think for you either a CM Storm model or the G710 Plus would be ideal.
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