LG Installing BBM On LG G Pro, Future Phones

This deal should be a big win for BlackBerry.

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  1. Great! just what Android users need on their phones. More bloatware that they cannot uninstall from the factory unless rooted!!!

    When I got my Android phone the first thing I did was root it grab a stock rom then rip out all the crap listed below before flashing :

    AT&T Locker
    AT&T Messages
    AT&T Drive Mode
    AT&T Code Scanner
    AT&T Navigator
    AT&T Family Map
    Featured Apps (more AT&T crap)
    Mobile TV (more AT&T crap)
    YP Local Search & Gas Prices (more AT&T crap)
    Google Play Music
    Google Play Books
    Google Play Movies
  2. I wouldn't call BBM bloatware LOL
  3. I traveled in asia. BBM is necessary and is more popular then any of the other things out there.
  4. chicofehr said:
    I wouldn't call BBM bloatware LOL

    It is bloatware. If users want BBM they can download it from the Playsotre just like everyone else who wanted it did.

    The point I am trying to make is that if users want it, they will take it upon themselves download it easily. If users do not want it, they have to root their phones because they cannot uninstall it.
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