After cloning WIN7 to SSD, Windows Update suddenly reports 85 important updates available

I cloned my current WIN7 system to SSD (I wanted to do a clean install as recommended by users in this forum, but I thought I save me some work, maybe I was wrong). Everything works fine, except that after I booted into WIN7 from the SSD out of a sudden Windows Update popped up telling me that I have 85 important updates available. This came as a surprise, because I'm always on top of installing my updates. It also told me that the last updates were installed on 8/16/2012. I checked the Update History and again it showed 8/16/2012 for the last installed update. I then checked the ReportingEvents.log in the SoftwareDistribution folder and I found the following error starting on 09/12/2012 "Failure Software Synchronization Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0xc8000222." I have 54 entries like this.
So, what is happening here? I know I updated my system regularly non of the updated had problem. Windows always did its spiel at shutdown and at restart when it had to "preparing the computer". The data, though, seem to indicate that nothing was installed.
And why does this comes up now, after I cloned to an SSD.

Very confused right now. Any idea how untangle this? I read about resetting Windows Update, but want to understand first what has happened.
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  1. If I'm reading this correctly your computer probably had write protect on and didn't allow the updates to move you can always retry it but first 1. Right-click the write-protected folder and select Properties.
    2. The last section is titled "Attributes", clear the "Read-only" check box and click OK. Then retry moving the files
  2. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The clone worked fine. The situation is that when WIN7 was running from my HDD my Windows update history seemed to be fine and up-to-date. Only now that I'm running it from the SSD, the Windows Update history shows that the last update was on 8/16/2012. However, the folders and files on my HDD and my SSD are identical. That's what I don't get. How can it be that the files are the same, but when booting from my HDD I do not get the Windows update popping up, telling my I have 85 updates, but from the SSD I do?
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