Video files transformed to 512b empty files after cutting them from iPad to my memory stick

[this is originally from Reddit, but I'm trying my luck here too]

Hello! So here's my problem. I wanted to transfer files from my iPad 3gen to a memory stick. So what did I do?

I connected my iPad through USB and then browsed my videos and pictures made with iPad on 'My Computer'. In order to make some space on my iPad I wanted to copy bigger files to my memory stick - the files were 1,7GB, 2,2GB and 900MB recorded video files. So I wanted to cut all these three videos at once to my memory stick. The cutting of 900 MB file went successful. But there were problems cutting the two other files. When I cutted the 900 MB file to my memory stick, USB-stick actually showed it was really 900 MB. But when I cutted the other two files, memory stick showed them as 512 byte files (pretty much empty files). But the files iPad are gone too. So I cutted a 1,7GB and 2,2GB video files and all I've got left of these are 512b files on my memory stick.
Is there a way to restore these two files to my iPad? I haven't touched or copied anything since then, and I've just left it idle (I'm writing this thread on my other computer). Also I left iPad to where it was, I guess it'd help if I don't touch it.

So yeah, if there's a way to restore these two video recordings, I'd be grateful.


Someone on Reddit responded:
"You could try running testdisk on both and see if it finds any video files. Limit it to the types or you'll end up with a plethora of stuff."

And then I replied to him/her:
"Ok, will try. Will be back in 30 mins or so.

-edit- Testdisk could detect my HDD, a random memory stick, and then the memory stick that I wanted to cut my files from iPad. But it couldn't detect the iPad itself.

And by the way, I saw something strange. If I look the iPad up on Windows Explorer, it shows that it's Internal Storage has 2,2 GB free of 13 GB (that means that computer still detects that it has those video files, because the numbers on iPad itself, it claims to have 5,5 GB of free space)."
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  1. Sorry you got burned by cut-n-paste. Happened to me once too.
    Always copy-paste-then delete after confirming the files were not corrupted.

    I'm not sure how to help on recovering files from the ipod.
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