Each brand has their own version of a graphics card, which one?

So am looking at the 280X on Novatech, just getting price comparisons, and they have them by MSI, Sapphire, Gigabyte (BF4 edition), XFX and another Gigabyte (regular one) and each comes with their own features but they are all the exact same price at £279.98 so which should I go for?
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  1. I have found Sapphire to be a good brand followed by MSI , XFX and Gigabyte. Each one will also make an overclocked model and the Sapphire Toxic being about the best.
  2. Can only models with OC in the name be overclocked?
  3. Ones that say OC are generally already OC'd alittle.
    All of them are overclockable but some are better then others
  4. since they're all based on the same AMD / nVid chipset, i'd pick the one that has the best "other stuff", which changes on use. for example, I liked the cooling design and direction of power ports on my ASUS HD7790s so I bought those ESPECIALLY when the local store had both a discount and a rebate on them. in that instance, I paid $80 for a $120+ card.

    in the case of my GTX760, I picked the one I did (uh, another ASUS) mainly because it was one of the few in that class that only needed a single 8-pin power connection (instead of most others needing a 6+6 or 6+8 connection). this made it easier for me to manage cables in my tiny ITX case. and again, rebates and in-store discounts made it that much sweeter - but in all honestly an MSI had the same discounts/rebates, so at that point it came down to the single power connection.
  5. What about MSI and Asus?
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