My finished build parts choices, opinions please!

This is what I have come up with for my gaming PC build, it's somewhat of a budget build so that's why its average parts.
Any opinions or recommendations on any part of this build is welcome! Thanks in advance!
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  1. you didnt list any parts....
  2. ssddx said:
    you didnt list any parts....

    Wow second time I've done that tonight I guess im tired. I fixed it sorry about that
  3. gskill sniper is on sale for about the same price and is 1866 instead of 1600mhz

    i would go with a seasonic or xfx psu instead

    everything isnt too bad for a budget level build.
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    The only thing I could really see is not being able to use the onboard USB 3 header with the case but other than that not bad.

    And I have read that the Corsair CX PSU are not that great. I would choose a better Corsair or go for a Seasonic or XFX or such. Corsair has great PSU but from what I have read just not in the CX line.
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