Need Help Buying A Gaming Laptop At A Budget : $800-$900 or less

Please help me find a good gaming laptop for $900 or less! Thanks! The year is about to end so the price will drop down... right? Here's what I want from the laptop.

1. What do you plan to use your laptop for?
a.I want this laptop for gaming, I want to run games like TF2, Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, COD:Ghosts.

2. When I'm using my laptop, it's usually…
a. On my lap on the couch or out of town on my lap. (lol)

3. How fast do you need it to be?
a. I need it to run the games listed above at at least medium.

4. Do you typically use many applications at once?
a. I normally don't multitask but want at least 4 GIGS of ram.

5. Do you usually hook up a lot of external peripherals to your laptop?
a. I use a wireless mouse, and a laptop cooler.

b. I use an a USB for my phone.

6. Would you consider yourself a gamer?
a. Yes, not a DIE-HARD gamer but a gamer. Like I said, the games listed above. Thanks.

7. Screen Size?
a. Anything above 15"

8. Graphics card and processors
a. I have been looking at the Y500 and it is almost at my budget but is not there. I want a graphics card equivalent to that. For the processors I would prefer it'd be clocked at least at 2.0 and be intel. (i5,i7)

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