Reusing HDD in new-ish build

So I am planning to build a new PC, but I am reusing multiple parts for my new build (CPU, Graphics Card, RAM). I was wondering if I can reuse the HDD, or would I have to remove the OS from it.
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  1. Yes, you will have to remove the OS due to drivers. if you need any help let me know :)
  2. You can re-use the HDD, and you dont necessarily have to remove the OS on it, but you wont be able to boot into it so you might as well.
  3. You will need to re-install Windows on it when you've moved it to your new build, and it's not just because it's got the wrong drivers on it. Mainly it's because Windows will not tolerate being moved from one motherboard to a different one because the existing product activation data and the Product ID string on that drive becomes invalid.
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