Random Lockups and Power offs (cpu related?)


For the past month or so now. My system has been suffering from random lock-ups and/or instant power offs, without warning. This problem usually occurs whilst gaming at random intervals, and occurs whilst running OCCT power supply auto test with defaults. This system occasionally, but rarely suffers from a Memory Management BSOD but that can occur when just generally browsing the internet or anything else.

System Specs: (all stock - no overclocking)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3
CPU: AMD FX-6100 6 core
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 8GB
SSD: 120GB Kingston SSDNOW
Hard Drive(data): 1TB - uh something
Hard Drive(blank): 250GB - uh something again.
Graphics (old): GeForce GTX560 1GB

Here's what i've done to date:

Since the last step, i've yet to have a random lockup or power off. However, i've not clearly managed to figure out if its a faulty CPU core, or perhaps a failing power supply, hell even the motherboard. I'm looking for opinions, i've also tried the obvious such as windows reinstall, driver updates and rollbacks etc. Any help regarding more testing or anything else would be fantastic, its been perplexing me for a while now. Please bear in mind, that I'm assuming the memory management BSOD and (possible) CPU core failure are related.

Edit: Since disabling the CPB and the cores 5-6. System temperatures (Northbridge/CPU) are MUCH cooler. Region of 20c cooler in fact. Northbridge is currently running at 51c whilst gaming (previously was in the 70's) and the CPU temp has dropped to mid 30's with a max of 40c.
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  1. Just had another random power off whilst gaming this morning playing Dota 2 with bots. No warnings. Clearly the last step didnt work. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to try?
  2. Another test with memtest86+ from Hiren's Boot CD this time. Came up with a couple of errors during test #5 and 1 error in test #6. That was the original run yesterday. Ran again this morning, using just test #5. Came up with 4 errors.

    Does this conclude that the ram is bad? or is it still something else? :(
  3. I don't think it would be your ram as I have had ram fail before and if it fails its dead
    it sounds to me more like a power supply problem what is your power supply and have you added
    any thing that mite be draining it more than normal
  4. just out of curiosity are your drivers all up to date
    and are you running a cleaning programme of any kind
  5. Yes all drivers up to date. No cleaning software required, tried fresh installs of windows on all drives. I've removed the system to bare basics (no usb devices, single hard drive etc), and still had the power offs. Since the memtest errors, ive sent off an RMA request to Corsair, they'll take a look at the ram and send a replacement back. Thank god for lifetime warranty. The PSU is a 650w CIT model.
  6. well let me know how you get on with the ram
  7. hay I don't want to anion you but I just looked up your psu and with what you are running
    it is insufficient power this is only ment to run a low end i5 -2500k max so
    when you are trying to play high end games you are drawing to much out of it
    so it is shutting down and i think that is your problem you can buy this in a 750w and even an 850w
  8. A good Corsair (CX600), Antec, or Seasonic 650watt PSU will be rock solid for any Single GPU system......

    Your particular 650watt supply isn't the best of quality:
    and here's the wattages,amps ect :
    MODEL +3.3V / +5V / +12V 1 / +12V 2 / -12V / +5VSB / TOTAL OUTPUT
    650W 28A 30A 20A 19A 0.3A 2.5A 650W


    Having Only (20A + 19A) * 12 volts it should be rated as a 468watt. But wait, it gets WORSE:

    They rate this as "Peak" power, but for gaming you need that kind of power Continuously.... So, in reality this is a 234watt Continuous supply and should be Replaced for stable gaming .....
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Power-Supplies/SubCategory/ID-58) you will be able to find a power supply here that will fit your needs and budget ) i hope this helps you
  10. avidkaos said:
    Just had another random power off whilst gaming this morning playing Dota 2 with bots. No warnings. Clearly the last step didnt work. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to try?

    Get a better quality PSU such as a 650W SeaSonic/XFX/Antec/Corsair.
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