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Choosing a Good Keyboard and Mouse

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December 26, 2013 5:17:34 AM

Nowadays mechanical keyboards are becoming more mainstream and regular membrane keyboards are on their way out. For gaming and typing, the feel and tactile response of mechanical keys is superior to that of mushy membrane keyboards.

See here for a guide to Cherry keyswitches:

Personally, I prefer MX Brown switches, because they are widely available, have a light actuation force like MX Reds, and have tactile feedback which makes them good for gaming and typing. Browns are a good switch for someone who is buying their first mechanical keyboard, as they are quiet and have features for both gaming and typing. MX Blues, the classic "clicky" switch, are similar to the switches featured on older mechanical keyboards like the IBM Model M. Blues are favored for typing, with a 50Cn actuation force. They may feel odd at first as they have a separate actuation and release point, unlike the other switches. Blues are very clicky and loud.

Cherry MX Red and Black switches do not have tactile feedback, meaning that they are not very good for keen typists. Blacks are the hardest to depress, with an actuation force of 60cN. These are not very good for gamers either as they do not allow rapid keypresses, which is why the Black switch is less common than others. The Red switch features a light actuation force of 45cN, similar to the Brown switches, but lack the tactile press of the Browns. However, this allows them to be depressed rapidly and makes it a good switch for gaming.

Some suggested keyboards are :

Typing -
The DasKeyboard with blue switches is very well made and is great for typists. Don't get it with brown switches as there are better options with browns.

If you prefer Brown switches, Ducky makes great keyboards for typists utilising the brown switch, although they are hard to find.

I can't really suggest a gaming keyboard for everyone. You need to find whether you want a switch with a tactile or not tactile press. Buy from a retailer which handles returns efficiently (AMAZON!). Look out for keyboards without number pads or macro keys that use inferior membrane keys.

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