Gaming pc first build need advice

This will be my first time building a pc and my budget is $1,000. Will this build be fine or are some modifications needed.I plan to oc and maybe sli in the future.
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  1. The only change I would make is going with a 650W PSU if you want to overclock, and a 750-850W PSU if you are planning on overclocking and going SLI.
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    Looks pretty good man. Only if you wish to SLI i would get a bigger power supply with about 800 Watt. You could also take the Corsair 400R to as its build quality is better. Maybe you could skip the SSD and take a Core i5, as you will truely notice a performace increase. I myself have a Asus Mobo too and it boots pretty fast with an older HDD. Your choice buddy, but that setup will surely max many game ;D
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