HP Launches 11.6 inch Pavilion x2 with Pentium CPU

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  1. That's pretty neat. It seems a little pricey though. If it were $499 base, I'd be more interested. Although it may sell for less than the MSRP so we shall see.
  2. Sell it for $399 and you will have a winner. $599 and you won't sell that many.
  3. this is the baytrail i wanted. it is a touch overpriced. 499 is as high as i would even consider going for something like this.

    im curious how long it lasts on what size battery
  4. This price is INSANE. Take a look around for what you can get in that price range. its VERY simlar to a chrome book * you could throw linux on it* and its about $200 away from some full fledge convertable ultrabooks with 4x the specs. Hell I just bought a 13 inch lenovo with a I5 , intell 4600 gpu and 8 GB Ram and 1TB hard drive for $600. I know this is smaller but thats twice the laptop for $100 more. And weather you like Chrome books are not you cant charge 2.5x more for a device with almost the same specs
  5. I have the haswell version of this for taking notes in class, and it's a nice device, but there are some quirks about the version I have. It seems to auto thermal throttle at about 60 Celsius as it never turbos higher than that on IBT or prime 95. The screen could be a tad bit nicer quality and brightness, the touchpad and keyboard are not as responsive as my older xps 1645 laptop.
    On the bright side it is a nice device for browsing the internet and light gaming like oblivion, minecraft, and Skyrim on low details 720p. The only gripe I have about this is that the touchpad does not register on Skyrim and oblivion and it has disconnect driver issue's with 8.1 too) All in my version 13 inch version:;jsessionid=6F2E150C5B87A9A62AA2DC58AC033EC9.bbolsp-app03-199?id=1219066875875&skuId=1902357&st=split%20x2&cp=1&lp=2

    Is a fairly good deal at the 650 I paid for it given the 10 hour surfing and typing life I enjoy with it docked.
  6. Price is way too high for its category, unless of course you need the ultra portability. But its good to see HP trying!
  7. The price is too high and the screen resolution is too low. As someone who owned the Envy X2 with clovertrail and an 11.6 inch 768p screen, using it as a tablet was just uncomfortable because of the low resolution. ALL of these convertible devices need to be 1080p or higher, or you'll never actually use it as a tablet.
  8. We all know this is way too OverPriced, and that's HP pricing for you! No thanks! Like the other guys above, you can get lower priced gadgets with same/ or better specs!
  9. has to be way cheaper or slightly cheaper with better resolution. could buy two devices (windows notebook)and an android tablet for the price of this one.
  10. I gave up toys like this mainly due to build quality and win8.1. If all one is going to do is use it for notes and surfing then spending so much is a waste when $100 buys a decent C2D or first gen i3/i5 laptop is more than enough. For my mobile needs I got a Alienware m11x for gaming on the go and when I need something that lasts ages without the plug a cheap Latitude D630 that is modded gets the job done. Sitting through boring lectures requires some intellectual escape. I have a collection of convertible tablets and found that they are more useful than a pure slate for everyday use such as writing up papers very quickly ect.

    I don't sit idle much when on the go as I am often surfing the whole time and doing heavy downloading ect. To anyone with cash to burn i suggest that you stick to your phones and buy a decent purpose built laptop or convertible.
  11. they went two steps forwards and one step back with the new Pentium N series with the removal of hyper threading, which would have really made this cpu a nice ultra portable cpu.
  12. imagine an i7-4960X in a tablet
  13. I bought a Split X2 13" and it's really bigger than I want. The best use case is Southwest Airlines where you can undock at boarding and for landing and be connected to wifi the entire time for one price.

    I think it's for people who want a notebook that can be a tablet when they want it... not people who want a more powerful/usable tablet.
  14. Or a 4930MX in a tablet
  15. if you want cheap prices, you won't get it from Intel. Not saying it as a AMD fanboy just stating the obvious. You can usually buy 8-10 physical same core count processors on AMD to make the price of 1 intel physical processor. Intel has the performance advantange and they charge because of it. Ever since AMD bowed down, Intel has raised their prices. Regardless, Intel still leases AMD 64bit technology and AMD seems to have better virualized hardware than intel. But again, because intel has better performance in meaningless stats, everyone who loves intel will disput the fact that I may be correct.
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